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About me

I'm an electronics engineer working in Dong Viet Electronic Solutions Co.Ltd company (icviet.com). My interest in software and programming tasks related to software programming, embedded programming, circuit design ... I also quite familiar web programming, especially the application systems using Web platform powered by NodeJS.

Some of my skills:

  • Fluency in the circuit pcb software: Cadence Orcad, Altium Designer, Eagle.
  • Proficient in programming language c / c ++, Javascript (nodejs), C #, PHP, using good platform for Web: Sails JS, Loopback.io, phalcon php, expressjs ...
  • Knowledge of hardware and software platforms for hardware: Microchip PIC, ARM Cortex-Mx, STM8 / STM32, mbed, Arduino, beaglebone black, raspberry pi.
  • Deploying connected applications, IoT, M2M: GSM / GPS, Sensor Network, UIP, lwIP, MQTT, WIFI, Ethernet, RFID, Audio, Camera ...
  • Ability to write applications for hardware control from computer or phone (Android, BB10, WP8).

Some pictures of project i've done or contribute with:

Infinity mirror and BLE RGB LED control.

DVES fabrication management system and 100W Solar MPPT control.

RS485 LCD Led control and Bus location sound notification.